White nights and rotten eggs

Iceland is by far the coolest country for travelling and adventures (not just in the truest sense of the word). You land at Keflavik airport, basically in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by lava fields. It’s already after midnight, but still it is bright outside, of course it is June. Sunset and sunrise are only 3 hours apart. After an hour drive with the local bus shuttle, we arrive at the hotel. Longing for a shower, I turn the handle to hot water.The intriguing smell of rotten eggs is like an invisible barrier. That’s the decision to make: sweaty or an intense sulfur note. Luckily, my nose is a quick adapter and I get used to the smell steadily. Iceland as highly geothermally active area has plenty of vulcanoes, hot springs and sulfur. So, energy itself is around en masse as are waterfalls, ice and wideness. The amazing scenic overload of beautiful landscapes is unbelievable. Our journey will take as to Snaefellsnes Peninsula, the most western point Latrabjarg, the high North and along the ring road to the East, the glacier areas at Skaftafell  and southern Iceland back to Reykjavik. Details on the single parts are coming soon. Here, is an outlook for tomorrow’s note and picture visualizing the smell of rotten eggs.

Iceland – Thermal activity