Find your bridge and get over it

Picture of the day # 4

Actually, I’ve got 2 pictures for today because they are my prove that I was brave enough to get over those bridges. Probably, you can imagine my heart beating while walking over them. I suppose hikers down in the valley still could hear the sound of my inner heart drums.

The left picture was taken on the last 300m altidude to the top of Glödis, Debanttal, Austria. From the parking lot to the summit at 3206m, the tour is 1600m altidude difference. Difficulty of the via ferrata: B/C.

In the right picture, you can see the exposed bridge at the Drachenfelswand via ferrata. (560m altidude difference). Up there, you have an amazing view over the Mondsee (close to Salzburg, Austria). As reward of walking over the bridge, you can take a breezy seat at the bench mounted on the rock. Maybe you can spot the bench right above the steel security line in the left upper corner. Difficulty: C/D

The motto of the day: Take a deep breath and all your courage and move on.

DSC_6061 IMG_2330