Nightly reflections

Picture of the day #5

It was my first time in the big apple. Weeks before, I had already been excited of visiting New York, the city of my favourite films and TV series from my teeny times. After Sleepless in Seattle, I had to go up the Empire State building and enjoy the view from up there.

You get out of the plane and you think everybody around you is running. Everything is in a refreshing flow that captures you and makes you part of something bigger. I was fascinated by this city’s intoxicating speed and wasn’t sitting still for a moment. I was strolling around breathing the New Yorker spirit. I love the Times Square, its vibrancy and quickness, the endless changing ads. So, some when pretty late, I ended up at the banks of the East River facing Brooklyn Bridge. The silent river and sparkling lights reflecting in the water finally made me calm again. How could someone ever forget the first time in NY?