Monday morning blues

No doubt, I have never been and never ever am I going to be a morning person. I counted everyday of my school life towards holidays and weekends.

Not because I did not like school. Actually, I was one of the nerds liking maths and biology. My predilection for biology finally turned out to become my daily business. The issue was waking up at 6 o’clock every morning, tumbling to the school bus and trying to keep my eyes open. This was completely against my circadian rhythm. People were telling me that I will miss the time at School someday. So far (meanwhile 13 years), I haven’t missed it a single second. Instead, when my alarm rings in the morning, I most pleasurably press the snooze button, now finally pleasing my inner child. Still, monday mornings are a challenge to get out of the bed, but my cat makes sure that I do not sleep Mondays away.