A course in the mud

It’s Sunday morning. The alarm rings. My first thought is turn it off and sleep on. Forget about your plans and make it a lazy end of the week. However, the second one is stronger and makes me jump out of the bed in excitement. Today is a visitor trial competition where you are driving a 4×4 car through a set course trying not to bump into any of the snags. It has been rainy for the last couple of days. Thus, there is mud everywhere and you can imagine that all cars and participants will be covered in dirt.

Life is about trying out new things, meeting challenges, taking chances and risks and always moving on. Participating in a trial competition basically faces all these criteria. When do you actually have the chance to drive a car over snaggy, stumpy forest glades full of rocks and other stumbling blocks?

At some point, your car gets stuck in the mud. The wheels are spinning, spreading dirt all over you. You focus and fight to get the control back. The trick is to drive slowly and gently. But easier said than done. Constantly, you need to find the right balance of slowing pace and gaining enough momentum to get out of some wholes in the wet muddy ground. Simultaneously, you navigate through the obstacle course. Everybody is fully concentrated and proud to manage every single course. Finally, the winner is the person with the least mistakes during all courses. During the award ceremony, all of us are having a blast. Spirits are running high as everybody is sharing the sense of achievement. Today, we all are happy, sludgy, muddy winners.