300 rocky days of sunshine

Before travelling to Andorra, I did not have a clear perception of this country on my mind. My imaginary picture was a vague scheme of mountains, valleys and a mixture of small Spanish-like villages. Arriving in complete darkness way after midnight, we could only dimly see the rocky outlines and rugged walls around us. The mountains and rocks were close, the valley narrow, the streets were constantly winding up higher and higher.

Andorra is located in the eastern Pyrenees between France and Spain and is all over mountainous. Due to its height, the climate results in cold winters and mild summers. Because of its proximity to Spain, Andorra enjoys a reputation to have approximately 300 days of sunshine per year. – What an escape of Austria’s beginning of winter.

Waking up in the morning felt like clearing my perception from the fog. Immediately, I was sure I had found a mountain jewel of unique scenic beauty. Its richness of mountains, rivers, lakes, meadows and springs makes Andorra a nature destination with amazing surroundings. Being spoilt for choice, we picked some summits, lakes and via ferratas spread across the country to explore its variant areas. Hiking up to Serrera Peak (2913m, difference in altitude 995m) cross Meners pass took us back into Andorra’s iron mining history of the 17th to 19th centuries.

DSC01977 DSC01933

Andorra’s peculiar countryside makes it ideal for climbing and via ferratas.We climbed up to dizzy heights of Roc del quer, Canal de Mora and Roc d’Esquers. As far as the eye can reach, there are impressive walls and steep rocks that invite you to climb up and enjoy endless marvelous views.

DSC02055 DSC02122

In dusk, we surrounded the Tristaina cirque glacier full of lakes mirroring the stunning landscape.


The final day of our 5-day trip, we went for Andorra’s highest peak, Coma Pedrosa (2942m, difference in altitude ~1500m). Along an exhausting but absolutely worthwhile path, we hiked up to the summit. While my legs started getting heavier the higher we went, my inner batteries re-charged by the sunshine and stunning scenery step by step. When standing on top, we were full of joy, pride and enthusiasm (which still was needed as we had approximately 1500m altitude difference left to hike back down into the valley).

DSC02197 DSC02262

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