Monochrome world

Suddenly devoid of color, the world would lack of abundance. Choosing a single object retaining its natural hue, would be a yellow horizon for me. Yellow evening sunlight symbolizes the world’s warmth and coziness to me. Gleaming golden rays brighten up the deepest shadows. The last rays of sun embrace everything like a cuddly warming mantle.

The color yellow itself is mostly associated with happiness, gold and an optimistic lifestyle. A monochromatic world would immediately enhance the dullness of everyday life. Monotony would reign trying to keep imagination under. However, when imagination strikes back, it surely would open new worlds of potpourri. Adding a touch of golden shimmer to the world of sudden grayness, would cheer up the smileys that this monochrome world soon would lack.

2014-10-26 15.25.59


2014-10-26 15.33.02


Daily prompt: Local Color