Cat Politeness

When I was a child, I was permanently reminded of some basic table manners: sit up straight and stop rocking your chair. I am pretty sure that sounds familiar to most of you. Today, many years later, I find myself trapped in an infinite loop trying to teach my cat to stay off the kitchen table. So far, my attempts have been without glorious success. I know educating a cat might be a waste of effort. Like my mom always says: it’s like trying to get blood from a stone. However, lately, I have found the seed of all evil, the reason why any effort was foredoomed from the first.

I have always been fully aware of the fact that as soon as I turn around all taken measures are forgotten. Hundred times, when I came home from work, I found the cats cozily curled up at the forbidden place, too tired and sleepy to even try to cover it up. However, when I am around in the kitchen, the cats watch me closely and just use the table as leverage to get their feeding dish filled faster, to get their way or to simply be a pain in the neck. However, I was convinced that loads of patience, constancy and repetition would some day bear fruits.

Then I found out that my better half – actually supposed to support my attempts of bringing some manners to our cats – secretly played a double game. Mr Nerd is the best example of being tough on the outside and soft at heart. Seeing his beloved cuddly cat doing something incredibly cute, he just falls for it and forgets to tell in the same moment “Don’t do that”. Anyway, I caught both of them red-handed: Mr Nerd and the cat. Mr Nerd petting his cute kitty that was purring, snuggling and pleasurably stretching out over the complete kitchen table. Secretly, they have allied in the shadows of an empty kitchen…… leaving me with my Sisyphus work as the bad cop.