Places to be or morning stumbling cats

Definitely, I am not a morning person. The snooze function of my mobile makes getting up even worse. Just five more minutes… Inevitably, raising too late regularly results in desperate hurry to somehow get ready.

For sure, these days are a welcome invitation to ally with some other morning stress appearances: a quick glimpse in the mirror proves the bad hair day, you spill the coffee over your last white blouse while tripping over one of your cats. Probably, the cats empathise the stress. To calm you down, they snuggle and move in loops around your legs. Unfavorably, they cuddle up in the basin while you want to brush your teeth. Independent of how stressed I might be, they make me smile. And isn’t that the best way to kick off?

Wish you all a Happy Cat Day!

2014-10-30 08.40.07