Shining glade

Life is what happens while we are busy planning it. Equally often, we do not see the wood for the trees. However, when strolling trough the wood, you can find places like out of a fairy tale.

Today is one of these lazy fall Saturdays. The weather is foggy, rainy and gray. You grab your laptop and scroll through your pictures, google some nonsense, and surf around the internet. I came across my beloved Iceland shots of this year’s summer trip. Quickly, I  decided to set up a page on my blog to wrap up this wonderful and outstanding experience: Iceland – love at first sight. Besides its geysers, volcanoes and waterfalls, Iceland is known for its gnomes, elves and fairy tales. The Icelandic landscape is the perfect inspiration for dreaming, fantasy and story telling.

During journeys around the world, I capture so many scenes and sights, I collect thousands of impressions that I can reflect on back at home. However, the nearby little wonders fall through the cracks of our monotonous every day life’s attention. Therefore, I decided to post some picturesque places around my home.

2014-11-04 12.51.40


This glade and tree are a worthy inspiration for a fairy tale. Who do you think might live there?

Today’s cosy fall afternoons at home on the couch with some tea and cookies is an opportunity to let your imagination run wild. I will post my fairy tale tomorrow…..