Hints to fairyland

Looking through children’s eyes, nature is a fairy wonderland. Woods, mossy rocks or flower meadows are exciting places full of real or fictitious adventures. Growing up, becoming an adult often goes along with losing one’s ease of imagination. Art and photography might re-open the door to our imaginarium.

Mystical shining places are nature’s hidden diamonds. Often these places are shrouded in legends and myths.


According to the legend, every wanderer passing a certain rock at the Green Lake has to throw a stone. The lake itself only exists in summer when the snow melt has raised the level about 10 meters. The water covers the meadows, trees, benches and trails creating a unique wonderland. Its surface appears like a magical mirror. However, when the water disappears, the secrets and stories drain away, and its treasures will hide until next year…


If you walk silently through the wood up to the rocky mountains, you can discover lots of scurrying characters, like Mr Jack Woodchuck. Before winter, this little fellow is gaining lots of weight to prepare for hibernation. Jack Woodchuck is the groundhog of fairyland. Whenever a sceptic unworthy adult passes the way, he strikes alarm. His startling whistle can make you jump out of your adult skin…..


The last rays of sunlight illuminate the coppice. For sure, elves are dancing on the glade. Their flowing, wavy dresses keep swinging in the wind.

You just need to walk through life with open eyes and an open heart to see its little wonders. Reward your inner child and let your imagination run wild.

Do you dare to take a look?

Maybe, we catch a glimpse of a fairy, gnome or troll…..

herbst3 elfe