Fragile blowballs waiting for a breeze

Plants use wind dispersal to spread their seeds over a large area. The seeds are very light and with their feathery bristles they can float in the wind covering long distances. For me a new entry on my blog is like a dandelion’s blowball. Like children delight to blow the dawny seed heads away and watch them dancing in the air, being carried away by the wind, I post on my blog to spread and share my thoughts, pictures and stories with you.


Dandelion blowball

Further talking in metaphors, the breeze to make the seeds of the blowball float away would be my inspiration on posting a new topic. Strolling around in the real and online world, gives me hints and ideas, and sometimes even a flash of wit and  genius. These flashes of inspiration can be other seeds from others blogs. Seeds can hook to a spiderweb, like our posts are linked to our networks.


Side view of a spiderweb

Building a stable network is critical for us bloggers to get feedback, exchange ideas and to simply interact with our readers. Our networks span gaps between topics and people around the world that otherwise we might never cross. In the beginning, we tighten our first threads and strengthen them, before we build the radial expansions.

After blogging for over a month now, I feel more confident to leave my first security hooks, to explore new topics and to become more interactive. Looking forward to reading your comments, thoughts and blogs. Thank you for being part of my inspiration!