Step by step

My feet fly over the ground, my heart races, I have my rhythm. Running through a park area, over meadows and glades and through the forest always clears up my mind. As strange as it might sound, after taking a run, I am exhausted but relaxed.

While the miles increase, I can think about problems, troubles and figure out potential approaches to solve them. However, when I think back to my first attempts of running, this staircase after a 6 miles run would have seemed impossible to me. Nowadays, I still call it the legs-bums-tums part of my mostly uphill jogging route. Running strengthens both, your body and mind. Your confidence grows the longer your runs get. Whenever I run up the hill, I prove myself that my will is strong enough to force my legs to take every step to the top.

The beginning might be hard, but you quickly see your success and improvements, and soon, you will feel the difference.Your exhausting achievements eventually make your body release endorphins that literally make you fly. Just remember Laozi’s saying:

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


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