Faces of innocence

Imagine: after various snoozing cycles, the alarm keeps ringing. Finally, realising you are late, you jump out of the bed heading towards the shower. This first adrenalin kick makes you miss the fact that it is freezing cold in your home. The second, the ice-cold water hits your still drowsy body, it’s crystal clear: the heating is out-of-order.

2014-11-16 17

The thermometer Display shows 16°C indoors and minus 10°C outside. Still wet, shivering and angry, you call the service hotline to urgently send a plumber. Then, you call the office that you are working from home. While you are trying to warm up and at least work a bit, your furry shadows follow you wherever you go. Home office is great, snuggling and cuddling are a welcome distraction. Purring, the two giant cats present themselves in the best light.

2014-11-16 18

Eventually, the plumber arrives and starts the troubleshooting. Quickly, he finds out that the carbon dioxide sensor had been removed (the cable had been unplugged and an internal safety switch had prevented the heating from getting started again). When the plumber asks: Is there anybody who could have unplugged the cable of the sensor?- you do the maths:

The central heating device is located in the kitchen. The favorite hidden sleeping corner of your cats are the top kitchen shelves. Obviously, the two little bastards had worked all night in a glorious collaboration and somehow managed to reach the cable of the sensor. Speak of the devil and he is presently at your elbow – your cats nuzzle around your legs, meowing to say “Hi, what’s up?”, their face miming the perfect air of innocence.

2014-11-16 17

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