When one door closes….

….another one opens. The challenge is to be courageous enough to walk through and to explore the other room.

Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum

Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum

After getting up at 4:00 in the morning, rushing to the airport, flying to an exhausting meeting, directly heading back afterwards, I groggy took a cab back home from the airport at 17:00. The driver was navigating the car through the traffic jam as if he had stolen me on the way. I felt like on a ride with direct destination hell. I just thought keep on going, soon your are at home. Rodney Attkins song came to my mind, making me smile: If you are going through hell

Suddenly, his behavior changed and he started telling me the story of his life. I do not know why he actually started, and first I was not too surprised when he started chatting me. Most Viennese taxi drivers are very talkative, but today I even heard a complete life story on my 45 minutes ride about starting new, losing everything and getting back on track, ready to take new challenges and risks.

I started wondering about opportunities that are right in front of me, often popping up spontaneously – that I just do not take. Principally, I am curious and always eager to try out new things, climb up new walls and mountains. But if it comes to some bigger decisions and choices, I am more conservative. How many opportunities do I have missed already? What would have been the true risk?

The time we spend trying to recover and reopen closed opportunities keeps us away from new chances and challenges. When is the right time to open a new door? What makes us walk through? What is holding us back?