Leading the eye

As a photographer, you capture a 3 dimensional scene on a 2 dimensional medium. To generate depth, you can use the lines and shapes, play around with focus and different apertures. Simply said, every photographer is trying to lead the viewer’s eye and attention to a certain part of their picture. Here, are some examples.

In this gallery, I have put some pictures where I used distinct views and angles to increase the 3 dimensional feeling towards a distant point.

When I read this week’s title of the Weekly Photo Challenge “Converge“, I immediately had this picture in mind. I took it along the Route 1 last year. Whenever I look at this picture, I can feel the Californian sun shining on me.

Route 1, USA Pier to heaven

Route 1, USA
Pier to heaven

Staying with bridges, the next 2 shots were taken in New York City: The Brooklyn Bridge. As a child of the eighties growing up in Europe, New York was always unreachable when I was a teeny. Of course, I grew up watching Sex and the City which clearly determined my expectations towards New York. Years later, when I finally managed to travel there for the first time, it did not disappoint me. I fell in love immediately – again, now in true life.

Mickey Mouse @ Brooklyn Bridge

Mickey Mouse @ Brooklyn Bridge

under the bridge

Under the Bridge

Besides the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building was another top place to go. This time, it was Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks leading me there (Sleepless in Seattle, where they meet the first time on top of the Empire State Building). I took the picture walking along the street past the skyscrapers, and suddenly, I saw it.

Empire State Building

Empire State Building

Thinking about New York, the romantic streak always hits me .. also see my post Nightly Reflections

Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge