Ca(t)dvent Day 2

Hide and seek is the favorite game of my cats. In their usual cat style, they play by their own rules. They not only hide themselves, but also items they steal from somewhere in the house.

Most of the time, telltale traces of some socks, jewelry or other bits and pieces lying around lead you to the source of the chaos. Sometimes, I catch them red-handed with their new self-appointed toys. Like on the pictures below, Mr Cat carried the gnome from a shelf in the kitchen into the living room.


I fully understand that he might not like my style of putting up the Christmas decoration on shelves. Cuddling with the gnome on the floor is his preferred style.


Today, it was an easy round of hide and seek: I found both the cat and the missing gnome. On other days, it can be more tricky – especially, when you do not know what you are supposed to look for……

Often, I just randomly find the most unexpected items on strange places. Every day can be a surprise. What are your pet’s quirks?

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