Ca(t)dvent Day 7

Subtitle: Crazy time or five minutes of madness every day. For human outsiders, the cat’s crazy time seems like someone clicked on a switch in their brain. Out of nowhere, they jump up, sprint up the stairs, hunt their own tail, run criss-cross through the room, stare at invisible points and look as if they have just seen an alien behind the couch.


After sleeping for 20 hours per day, the concerted energy appears to explode within this short time frame of craziness. Out of the sudden, you watch your cats racing around, rolling on the floor, jumping at each other. By the time, you already start getting the hoover as cat craziness usually goes hand in hand with chaos and hairs all over the floor. As quick as the cat madness appeared it is gone again. Both cats go back to their favorite sleeping places, while you are still busy cleaning …..



How about you cats? Do you know the phenomenon of sudden cat craziness?