Tea time

My house has been full for two weeks now. It somehow became a tradition that all my friends who meanwhile live far away from home all around the world, come back during Christmas time spending some of their holiday time in good old Vienna. Every year, I just need to stay at home and they pass by for our New Year’s Party, or anytime between. Some of them stay for several days, some only for a cup of coffee or tea.

tea time

Every year it is a wonderful funny time with so many people being around. All of us show pictures and tell stories of an exciting year. But of course it is also quite busy. You hardly ever have a minute alone. After two weeks of a full house, Mr Nerd, the pets and me are alone again enjoying the silence.

I read about Electic odds n sods tea time event, and thought it would be a good idea to join. The tea I am drinking here is a self-made one from my best friend. She dried fruits and herbs, mixed it with some black tea and put it into nice glasses. One of her do it yourself projects – easy and great.