At the bar

After dinner with friends, we decided the night was still too young and went for some cocktails. At the chosen bar,the list of different cocktails was simply endless. So what should we order? Some all-time classic? Or some strange-sounding one where we only could identify parts of the ingredients?

To my surprise, they even offered cocktails with smokey scotch. Thus, for me the decision was easy: Laphroaig with Brandy and some juicy add-ons. The rest of the crew already wrinkled their nose by the smokey smell of my cocktail (lucky me, they did not even try a sip). Mr Nerd made quite a good choice with his cocktail with sandal-wood and vanilla scent. It sounded weird but actually was amazingly tasty. My best friend went for the “Club’s Special” – it was sour and unspectacular, but it was the best looking one of the night: almost fluorescent.


Cheers! Or “Prost” as we would say in Austria. The bad thing about a good night, is getting up in the morning, when only coffee can save the day.