Tinkerer’s heaven

During winter when I cannot spend that much time outside, I start some DIY and crafts projects. Through the year, I collect and buy crafts supply wherever I find something inspiring, stylish or useful. My favorite crafts store is located in a huge storage warehouse. There is plenty of everything and what you definitely need is a lot of time to go browsing.

There a shelves full of buttons, the next corridor is full of, sewing supplies. One storage is full of cloth – from leather to silk and net lace. If they do not have what you are looking for, it won’t exist. 🙂



What I like about that store, is its shabby simplicity. There are just jam-packed shelves providing you with basics and tools to let your creative fantasy run wild. You meet all kind of different people there: fashion designers, costume, theater and stage designers, grannies and moms, students – whoever wants to build, sew, knit or handicraft something. Even if you do not actually look for something specific, you always find something that you simply need the second you found it.