At the lake

Whenever I drive from Vienna to Salzburg, I take a coffee break at Mondsee. Any time of the year, this place has its special charm. The surrounding mountains are mirroring in the still water.

In the last couple of years, I have been driving that route at least once a month due to my work. Most people would probably just get annoyed by the 3 hour drive, but I actually like the places I pass. During fall and winter, Vienna is mainly covered in grayness and fogΒ (Vienna is lying inΒ a basin).Β After about 40 minutes driving, the sun usually breaks through the gray wall and the scenery lightens up. Addicted to hiking as I am, I love the point where it gets mountainous. I just imagine to hike or climb up. With my fantasy hiking through the hills and mountains, the driving time passes by so quickly that, on the spur of the moment, I reach my destination.

Mondsee Mondsee

In summer climbing up the rock in the background of this picture is just amazing. There is a ropeway in dizzling height. My heart was racing when I walked over it. When I drive by, I always think back to those seconds on the ropeway.