Tea time in preparation

A cupboard full of glasses, cups and fine glassware is waiting for special occasions to open its doors. Why do most of us have this habit to spare some things only for special days and events? Shouldn’t we try to make every day valuable and special?

Today, I was cleaning up my sideboard and decided it would be the perfect time to shoot some pictures for Justine’s tea party. I placed the glasses outside the cupboard  I knew I had to hurry up taking these pictures.

So, I quickly grabbed my phone. But too late, already after these few pictures, I had a furry nose on my display. New objects or known objects on new places attract cats like magnets. Independent of how soundly they sleep, they immediately feel the change and come to investigate it. Although, I could not play around taking the pictures as I would have liked to, my two furry friends simply wanted to spend some time with me rearranging glasses. They do not care what I do, but always will spontaneously jump in. Isn’t it the same with our human friends? When they come for tea or coffee, they just want to spend some time chatting. Even if one messes up the cake and cookies, the fun laughing about the baking disaster is already the best start into the afternoon with friends.

Do you also want to join the tea party? – visit Justine’s blog for more Information.