Rain drops

During our stay in Iceland in January this year, the first couple of days were pretty stormy and rainy. Taking pictures could be challenging, sometimes I simply prefered staying inside.

When I took pictures of the Hallgrimskirkja in Reykjavik, the place in front of the church was covered in ice. Some ice-skating rinks in Vienna do not have such plain and slippery ice đŸ™‚


While taking the first shots, it started raining. Soon, I stood on the ice in the middle of the pouring rain. To warm up, I got back to the car. I liked the raindrops on the car window and the reflections in it.

When looking through my Icelandic picture gallery, this photo is one of my favorites. Settings and scenarios do not always look the way you would prefer them while taking pictures (weather, light and other circumstances might mess up your idea of the picture), but the resulting pictures still can be stunning and different.

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