Cloves and pepper in my coffee

Last week, I met a friend to visit some museums and art galleries in Vienna. To hang out and chat a bit more, we went to a Café. Vienna is well-known for its immense choice of coffee variances. Beside the regulars, this Café offered some spiced coffee creations.

I decided to try a coffee with cloves and black pepper. The smell was delicious, the taste spicy, but after the first sip a sudden tickle in my throat started. I hardly could suppress the coughing. After two more sips, I had my coughing and tickle under control and could enjoy my coffee. Anyway. the second round a went for the good old “Melange” – coffee with milk foam.


Although, I like experimenting with my coffee, this week, I simply bring a “Melange” to Justine’s tea time event. Simple and good.

If you also like to join the Tea Time Event, check out Justine’s blog for instructions.