Floppy bunny ears

Easter is approaching. Currently, lots of people are busy dyeing eggs, filling and decorating baskets and thinking about the perfect hiding spots for their children’s Easter presents.

I have my personal Easter bunnies at home that always give great motives for Easter greetings. Mary is Japanese-colored, Nocki except of a tiny bright spot completely black. He is hard to catch on a picture. First reason, he is the more active one jumping high, stomping a lot (whenever I move anything in their bunny home, additional goodies are requested or any unknown noise disturbs him). So far, my neighbors are either deaf or very relaxed, because stomping and digging time might as well happen in the middle of the night. Second reason, he is completely black. Thus, I always need to either set the ISO higher, use open apertures and longer exposures. Mary isΒ the more curious and communicating one always appreciating petting and cuddling. They both love twigs and fresh dandelions, cucumber and carrots. My cats often visit the bunnies, taking a nap together with them.

My pets are a perfect proof that unusual friendship between animal is pure joy. See my previous post: Unlikely friendship is often the best.

Happy egg hunt to all of you!