Seasonal changes: May flowers

April showers bring May flowers.It’s amazing how quickly the forest changes these days of the year. If you can remember my last month’s post about bear’s garlic, the ground was covered with its green leaves. Meanwhile, the bear’s garlic started blossoming changing the green floor into a white carpet. The route is now dotted with colorful blossoms of lilac, buttercup and dandelions.

In January, I started posting pictures of my running route. In 2015, I will post pictures of spots of this route every month to capture the seasonal changes. Cardinal Guzman had that brilliant idea – if you also want to join or find out more about our monthly seasonal changes challenge visit his blog for instructions.

Seasonal changes 4 – Bear’s garlic

Seasonal changes 3 – Spring is close

Seasonal changes 2 – Frozen

Seasonal changes 1 – Winter wonderland