Focus on animals

Taking pictures of animals is tricky as they move every time you press the shutter. You have to be quick and prepared.

First of all, choosing a short exposure time is crucial to avoid blurry and wiggly pictures. Spot them on a great place and click before they have realized what you are up tp.

animal (2)

If you were too slow, just go and grab a cup of coffee, your cat will for sure occupy your seat.

animal (1)

If you like it or not, you need to be willing to crawl on all fours following them in some hidden corners to get some authentic pictures.

animal (3)

Alternatively, you can also offer some goodies 🙂

animal (4)

On my animal friends page, you’ll find more of my furry pictures.

In response to Lucile’s Photo Rehab and Perelincolors Tech of the month.