Lilly on Tour – Andorra Part 1

4 days off plus a weekend attached make a great chance for some short adventure. We jumped into the plane to Barcelona, from there we went straight to Andorra. Lilly, my plush frog, joined us, watch her tour.

lilly-on-tour (1)

Enthusiastically, Lilly went to the Trisaina glacier lakes and speed-climbed the Pic de Tristaina, 2878m.

On her way down, she already had to stop several times – of course, only to enjoy the wonderful views and flowers.

lilly-on-tour (3)

The next morning, her feet were aching and she still felt exhausted. Nevertheless, she went for the Casamanya Peak, 2735.

lilly-on-tour (5)

Frog-like, she quickly jumped down. Because she had finished the tour so fast, she decided to sun-bath next to a small mountain river.

lilly-on-tour (2)

Suddenly, Lilly woke up, somehow she had fallen asleep. Still a bit dreamy, she decided to go back down to the valley via taxi.

lilly-on-tour (4)

Back at the Hotel. Lilly called her friend Mouse to tell her about her exciting days in Andorra. Mouse had recently spent some weeks in Iceland: (M)icelandΒ – click to see the pics.