Photo101 Rehab hosts Available Light: On the go

Hi there, it’s again Nalinki from Angle&Views co-hosting the available light series together with Lucile. This time, I would like to go mobile. Our mobile phone is often the only available device that we carry with us. Thus, we should use its capabilities to get the best results.

Leave auto settings behind

While using other cameras, we play around with settings and pre-set programs easily. On the smartphone, we often forget to turn off the auto settings. Do not underestimate the camera function of your phone, there are lots of settings that you can change. Increase the ISO to be more light-sensitive, use longer exposure times. You might even download some apps that allow you to better use your phone for night shots. If you need some ideas, which wheels to turn, you might like our “Start playing” entry.

No Flash!

To capture some special atmosphere caused by certain light conditions (sunset, candle light, moonlight), the crucial point is to avoid the flash by any means.

availablelight (2)

City Hall @ Salt Lake City, USA

The last rays of sunshine

My favorite time for pictures is sunset. The warm light of the last rays of sunshine easily adds atmosphere and color to an otherwise maybe boring scenery or enlightens a beautiful one even more. Sunrise has a similar effect, but to be realistic – I won’t manage to shoot it very often. For sure, I’m not an early bird…

availablelight (8)

Yellowstone National Park, USA, is a delight for any photographer. It’s landscape is unique. Here, I shot some hot and steaming vents shortly before sunset. To get the rays into the picture, you have to tilt your phone the way that you only have the very lowest part of the sun on your screen.

Use reflections

Reflections have the positive effect of adding some more light to your pictures in the dark.

Don’t be afraid of moving objects

Strolling around in Salt Lake City, I took some pictures of fountains in the dark. The water and surrounding light sources, could easily be caught with the phone camera.

For the pictures in this post, I used a Nokia Lumia 920 and a Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.

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