Photo101 Rehab hosts Available Light: Halloween

Welcome to the Halloween Special of Lucile’s and my (Nalinki from Angleandviews) Available Light Series.

Walking through the forest while the fog is painting everything into monotonous grey always reminds me of settings directly out of a horror movie. The best time to make some creepy shots for Halloween.

My steps on the fallen leaves and small bricks lying around were the only noise. The air was wet and heavy. Although my fingers were stiff from the cold, I grabbed my camera and tried to capture this epic scene.

In the fog:

Light conditions are far away from sunny and bright and that’s exactly what we want: an atmosphere in which tension is high.

The settings on your camera are fairly easy: set the white balance to “Cloudy/Rain” and adjust the ISO and shutter accordingly.

I love taking pictures when the sun is fighting the fog and slightly shines through the thick grey wall:

If you want to join and show your Halloween pictures, tag your post with #availablelightrehab. Cheers, yours Nalinki!