Taking pictures while climbing up a rocky wall teaches you immediately to change your perspective to make the best out of your impressions – looking at things differently, changing perspectives and out-of-the-box thinking became my philosophy and thus, the slogan for this blog.

This blog comprises of single snapshots taken from my every day life. I am new to blogging and I read several instructions and recommendations on finding your niche, setting up topics that smoothely fit together. But as soon as I got started, a whole bunch of ideas and stories eagerly waited to be put down on paper. Just doing one thing at a time and getting a red line through my blog, this just would not be me.

My blog is supposed to be as diverse and chaotic as I am in my real life. I have the most opposed hobbies, I am always up to try out something new. My friends are a wild mix of outstanding personalites with utterly diverging backgrounds and preferences. With this blog, I’m trying to build up a colorful potpourri of my travel experiences, sporty achievements, funny things that happened to me and my love for taking pictures.

Here, I would like to introduce myself. With 31 years of age, I am up to find my way back to writing. As a child I have written a thousand stories, painted lively pictures with my words. On a trip to Iceland this summer, where everybody is somehow an artist and living their dreams, I decided to start a 30-days-challenge writing a short note every day. Living together with a nerdy programmer, two giant cats that mainly behave like dogs, two jumping funny bunny rabbits and 3 tortoises, the idea portfolio increased exponentially. Beside travelling, hiking, climbing, dancing and photography are my main influencers and hobbies.