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Toes to the sky & heels down – and off we went: horseback riding in Iceland

How could you stay some weeks in Iceland and not spend time on a horseback? You might think it’s a cliché or some tourist rip-off. Just another stereotype like every Austrian is yodeling,… Continue reading

Rainbows, Fjords & Waterfalls

Before my trip to Iceland, my perception of this northern island was frosty coldness mixed with rainy ever changing weather and lava fields, volcanoes and stinky boiling  mud pots. Instead, it was almost 24 hours a day… Continue reading

Going West or dancing with the puffins

The Icelandic Westfjords are a speciality on their own. I have never seen anything like the Latrabjarg bird cliffs. But this to come later. Driving with our small car on pretty adventurous gravel… Continue reading

White nights and rotten eggs

Iceland is by far the coolest country for travelling and adventures (not just in the truest sense of the word). You land at Keflavik airport, basically in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by lava fields. It’s… Continue reading