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For recharging my empty batteries and bringing back my muse, I have a delightful recipe with only the best ingredients.

Out of stone

Stone statues are silent witnesses of ancient times that bear up against the elements.

Vivid hiking

Hiking makes me feel alive and vital, and lets me forget the stress and troubles of the week.

Out of the window

Fluffy white clouds, rural areas, seaside, mountains, cities from the bird eye’s view are a welcome inspiration to let my imagination run wild, shortening the time until I reach the ground again.

Local Sightseeing: Schlosshof

Schlosshof was Prince Eugene of Savoy’s country residence – pompous and with a huge garden descending in seven levels of terraces.

Ain’t no mountain high enough

Today, we climbed up the Rax Haidsteig in lower Austria. It was cold and windy, but another great hike. We passed some chamois and had lots of fun on the via ferrata.

Forces of Nature

For me, Iceland is the embodiment of natural forces. The island is dotted with massive waterfalls, steaming vents, volcanos. A huge part of Iceland is covered with ice and glaciers.

Intricate castle

Castles and palaces are majestic, imperial, impressive, most likely shrouded in legend and sometimes mystical. Exploring an old Castle is like a time travel back into an ancient intricate century.

Going West

Driving from Vienna to Dornbirn takes about 6.5 hours – going West across Austria.

Local sightseeing: Above the tree tops

In the Garten Tulln Exhibition area, you can walk up a 30m high viewing platform that brings you above the top of the surrounding trees.