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Reykjavik’s walls as canvas

Reykjavik, the capital high up in the North is surrounded by an artistic flair, well known for art and music festivals. In Iceland, almost everybody to some content is an artist. People there are… Continue reading


Since my earliest childhood memories,I always had a cuddly toy or lucky charm with me. I am not superstitious,but some when it simply became a quirk. Thus, in my backpack some funny friend from… Continue reading

Illuminated nights

Describing winter in Iceland with 3 words: frozen, wind & Northern lights. When the nightly sky starts glowing above you, you even forget about being chilled to the bone.

1000 years of ice

During winter time, Iceland proves where its name comes from. The wet lava ground is frozen and covered in shiny blue ice. The glaciers sparkle in the brightest blue in the cold freezing last rays of… Continue reading

Moro Rock

Visiting Sequoia National Park, you should not miss to hike up to the top of Moro Rock, a large granite dome formation. The view from there is amazing.  The walk itself is very short… Continue reading

At the lake

Whenever I drive from Vienna to Salzburg, I take a coffee break at Mondsee. Any time of the year, this place has its special charm. The surrounding mountains are mirroring in the still… Continue reading

Winter wonderland

That’s what winter is supposed to look like

Treasures in the North Atlantic Ocean

The Azores are composed of nine volcanic islands situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, approximately 1300km west of continental Portugal. Before travelling to Sao Miguel, I basically only new about the Azores from… Continue reading

Nostalgic look back: 2014, a wrap

I started my blog end of September and instantly fell for blogging. I love all the interactions and stories that people all over the world share. It is like meeting old friends for… Continue reading

Yellow color dots

Back then, in Iceland, when the dandelions flourished. This pic is one of my all-time favorites. I was playing around with my Sony RX100 and tried various settings while waiting for the ferry… Continue reading