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Down the road

Travelling through foreign countries always includes lots of time on the road. Some of them are bumpy, others are winding and twisting. The streets give you all options of various directions, but you… Continue reading


Icelandic waterfalls 2014 Weekly Photo Challenge

Vienna’s immortal bond to morbidity

End of October, the weather became wet and cold. On the weekend, I could already feel winter’s moist breath and chilling breeze. Spending some cosy time on the coach, strolling randomly through the… Continue reading

300 rocky days of sunshine

Before travelling to Andorra, I did not have a clear perception of this country on my mind. My imaginary picture was a vague scheme of mountains, valleys and a mixture of small Spanish-like villages. Arriving… Continue reading

Destination: volcanic island – Really?

When people ask me about my holidays and choice of destinations, I always see some kind of disbelieve and surprise in their faces. “Why do you spend your summer holiday in Iceland? It’s… Continue reading

Natural sculptures and giant waterfall

Hengifoss, in East Iceland, is not as famous as its big brothers Godafoss, Dettifoss or Gullfoss. However, I got more attached due to its amazing surrounding. Huge basalt columns frame the fourth highest waterfall… Continue reading

Floating icebergs

One of the most fascinating places in Iceland is Jökulsarlon, the famous glacier river lagoon. The lake is located at the edge of Vatnajöküll National Park. Due to receding and melting of the glaciers, the lagoon… Continue reading

The inverted tower

Picture of the day #7 Nine levels of spiral winding stairs lead you into the depth and darkness. Legend has it that the journey through the upside down tower of Sintra’s initiation well is… Continue reading

Pulsating geyser – feel Iceland’s heart beat

During my studies at university, the geology lessons were full of rocks but they did not roll. Those dusty lessons were a welcome invitation to dive into a world of imagination and daydreaming. After… Continue reading

A course in the mud

It’s Sunday morning. The alarm rings. My first thought is turn it off and sleep on. Forget about your plans and make it a lazy end of the week. However, the second one is… Continue reading