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Early bird

The early bird catches the worm – or the fish.

Insect houses

Bug houses are nesting aids for insects. The idea is to help the beneficial insects to overwinter and to stay in their natural Habitats because more and more meadows are destroyed.

Spring close-up

Spring time is blossoming time.

Cranky model

Mr Cat follows every step I take, but as soon as I take my camera, he turns and runs like saying “No, no, not me again. Pictures catch my soul, the clicking is… Continue reading

Terrace re-opened

Plants are my passion. I grow them in every room and of course on my terrace. Finally, the temperatures have raised enough to re-open the terrace.

Seasonal changes – bear’s garlic

Spring has colored the forest in green again. Currently, the ground is covered with bear’s garlic. You can smell it all over the place.

Out of focus

Hiking up to the summit of Coma Pedrosa, the highest mountain in Andorra, is beautiful. The weather was great, the view stunning. Already all the way up, I had been taking pictures. To… Continue reading


Cats go from sleeping to hunting within seconds, though their attention span usually is rather short-termed.


You cannot catch the wind.


Finally, spring has arrived and my tortoises are awake again after several months of hibernation.