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Rain drops

During our stay in Iceland in January this year, the first couple of days were pretty stormy and rainy. Taking pictures could be challenging, sometimes I simply prefered staying inside.


Living together with cats, you will never feel alone again. Actually, you will lose your privacy. A closed door is like a red flag, a new box or bags have magical magnetic powers immediately… Continue reading


Nature’s mirror at Yosemite National Park In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Symmetry.”

Breeze of fresh air

It was snowing all day long leading to snow chaos in Vienna. Every year it is a surprise again that we get snow in Austria. Same procedure as every year, cars, trucks and… Continue reading

Seasonal changes – Frozen

The timing was perfect: Yesterday night, it started snowing again covering everything in a thick snow mantle. Making first footprints and figures into the fresh powdery white is the best when talking about… Continue reading


Huge amounts of water fall down the edge. Waterfalls act like magnets for people. People are hiking hours to reach some of them, and with all effort hike up to the top. In… Continue reading

If you’re going to San Francisco

be sure to wear some flowers in your hair (Scott McKenzie).

Express yourself

Make your good temper spin like a carousel and let it get virulent on others. With high spirits, life is easier and way more fun.

Moro Rock

Visiting Sequoia National Park, you should not miss to hike up to the top of Moro Rock, a large granite dome formation. The view from there is amazing.  The walk itself is very short… Continue reading

Another Monday

Can’t believe it is already Monday again. Time flew by in the last weeks. I have been travelling to Germany last week, and had a busy weekend. Now, it became time to relax,  to… Continue reading