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Out of wax

This weekend, I met some celebrities: Angelina Jolie, Mahatma Gandhi, Einstein, Empress Sissi, Queen Elizabeth II – just to name a few.After dancing with Freddy Mercury, I had some coffee with George Clooney, painted… Continue reading

Serene line-up

Hiking up to Rinnenspitze (3003m) in Stubaital, you meet plenty of friendly fellows. Some of them even line-up in front of the mountainous background to pose for a picture.

A walk through the zoo

Many years ago, I moved to Vienna to do my studies here. Since then, I have always had an annual ticket for the zoo. Most of you can probably imagine that every time I take a… Continue reading

At the bar

After dinner with friends, we decided the night was still too young and went for some cocktails. At the chosen bar,the list of different cocktails was simply endless. So what should we order? Some… Continue reading

Out of the shades

When we face the dark and scary shadows, we need to remind ourselves that there is light somewhere as well.

Blue hour

Take a look up into the sky – the colors, cloud formations and light plays might surprise you and get a smile into the greyest evening. In response to Lens and Pens by Sally’s Phoneography… Continue reading

A new day

It is another day in another year. After the festive days, things settle back to normality. Challenges, changes, surprises, little wonders but also illness and worries do not stick to the yearly schedule… Continue reading

Reflecting glass

The other side of the window

Finally snow

After all these Christmas cookies and festive dinners, it was time to do some sports again. The long-awaited snow has finally covered the paths in white. The sound of crunching snow under the feet… Continue reading


Sunrays in fall and winter can be rare in Vienna. They have to fight against a sea of fog. In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Warmth.”