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Yellow color dots

Back then, in Iceland, when the dandelions flourished. This pic is one of my all-time favorites. I was playing around with my Sony RX100 and tried various settings while waiting for the ferry… Continue reading

Shrouded in mystery

When travelling to Portugal in spring, you probably expect lots of sunshine and warm spring days. Instead, Mr Nerd and me found lots of rain, mist and fog. What the hell – who… Continue reading


A cross-country drive through the mud is stuff that dreams are made on.


Gosh, who is this gorgeous fellow? Who is this girl with hair like a mop? Looking at ones mirror image might not always be a pleasure, but still we recognize ourselves. Self-awareness is an important trait directly… Continue reading

In action

Jauntily, the dogs are playing in the park. Every time, it is a joy watching them frolicking and jumping, hunting a ball or stick that somebody has thrown for them and tussling to win the toy.

Twinkling Vienna

There is always some light that lets Vienna shine.

Over the bridge

Continuously, we have to build bridges to interact with people. Sometimes, we have to burn our bridges to move on and look into a an unknown future. Bridges help us find the right… Continue reading

Alea iacta est

We have to make decisions every day. Some are easy, some might be harder. For some, we need a closeup to get enough details to come to our final decision. Phoneography and Non-SLR… Continue reading

Raindrops keep fallin’

Into every life a little rain must fall. Make the best out of the rainy winter time and look at the beauty of the raindrops.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

– who’s the fairest of them all? Taking pictures, I love reflections and mirroring effects. The picture of the most boring scenery can become spectacular, an amazing setting can be captured even more… Continue reading