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Proud as a peacock

Darwin already described the peacock’s nuptial plumage to have evolved through sexual selection. The proud males try to impress the females by displaying their colorful, glimmering coat.

Sunrise in the Alps

Either you are an early bird or stay up late. I rather belong to the second group. This sunrise was the best, I have ever seen. The complete area started glowing and shining.

A winter outlook

First of December and no snow in sight. Christmas is coming closer, all the Christmas markets are full with punch, Advent wreaths, candy apples and lots of kitsch, deco and fairy lights. Although,… Continue reading

Photo101 – a triumph

This is a wrap up of a busy and absolutely wonderful November – 20 assignments. Here are my favorite pictures of it.


Finding the perfect match might appear impossible in the first place, but when you have found it, everything feels natural.


Stations are a wonderful place to study people and their behavior. You see them relaxed when thinking about their upcoming holiday destination, annoyed when their train is delayed, angry when their luggage was… Continue reading


Here comes the sun

Corners and edges, lumps and bumps

Black and white pictures with high contrast always emphasise edges and corners. For me, the Eiffel Tower is an ideal subject to try various angles and perspectives, to look at its edges, corners… Continue reading

Window shopping

Windows provide us with insights and outlooks. Walking around in the city, we often do not realize a lot of details around us. Lost in thought, we are fading out most of our surrounding. Sometimes, our… Continue reading

Sunrise above the clouds

Outlook of a travel bug – get your head out of the clouds and enjoy the day.