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Turn on the light

My car is a constant companion facilitating my every day life. This is one of my car’s “eyes” that lightens every path we take together. I thought this was a worthy fit to Cee’s Fun Photo… Continue reading

Find your bearings

Navigating through unknown territories and moving on unfamiliar ground, both real and literally seen, often make us feel insecure. Landmarks prevent us from getting lost.


My eyes are shining with joy whenever my plants are in full bloom. Flowers color and liven up the darkest room. Let them shine. Happy photo challenge! Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo… Continue reading

It’s all about perspective

Imagine: The nasty noise coming from the construction area across your office often makes it difficult to hear yourself think. Rattled you shut the window. Suddenly, you realise that you should have looked… Continue reading

Shining glade

Life is what happens while we are busy planning it. Equally often, we do not see the wood for the trees. However, when strolling trough the wood, you can find places like out… Continue reading

Which way?

Up or down? Left or right? Swim or fly? Black or white? Spoilt for choice, we have to make decisions every day. Most of them are minor ones: cinema or couch? Pizza or… Continue reading

Here and now

An unexpected smile on a horrible day from a foreigner just in the right moment;  the happy face of your friend when opening that present on which you have secretly been working for a… Continue reading

Bark or Leaves

Sequoiadendron giganteum better known as giant sequoias or redwoods are the world’s largest trees. Looking up to their crown makes you feel like a tiny ant. Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Bark or Leaves

Reflections of silence

Water is essential and all times attracting. It has so many faces: water can be peacefully silent acting as a mirror like in the picture below. Waterfalls can show its massive strength. Severe weather and heavy rain can… Continue reading


Solid, liquid, gas – water in its purity One word photo challenge: Clear