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At leisurely pace along well-known paths

We walk and drive through our street every day. Most of the time, we pay little attention to its details. Today, I slowed down and took some pictures along my route.

Nature’s color palette

Fall is full of magnificent colors. This Picture was taken using a Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini. Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Nature

The place of trust and comfort

Putting it into cat or dog body language: Home is where you can roll around and expose your tummy. Belly display is a sign of feeling serene, relaxed and comfortable. Your cat shows you unwavering trust… Continue reading


Icelandic waterfalls 2014 Weekly Photo Challenge

Black & White: Patterns

Usually, stained-glass windows in cathedrals are known for their luminescent play of colors. Removing the essential color leads the eye towards the patterns. Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Patterns

Ghostly baroque

St Charles church in Vienna is the most beautiful and impressive baroque church of the city that has a thousand faces.

Sequoia’s crown

Walk through life with your head held high and look out for new chances. New opportunites are close, you just need to take them. Like a tree know your roots, stay grounded, but let your… Continue reading

Nostalgic look down

Schönbrunn Palace – summer residence of the Habsburg monarchs Phoneography Challenge Challenger’s choice: Architecture

Monochrome world

Suddenly devoid of color, the world would lack of abundance. Choosing a single object retaining its natural hue, would be a yellow horizon for me. Yellow evening sunlight symbolizes the world’s warmth and coziness to me.… Continue reading

Black and white cat flashes

For cats every day is the most exciting one they ever had. Unspectacular normal things suddenly catch their attention. Immediately, every single muscle tenses and they sneak and lurk completely focused on whatever has attracted their notice. Hunting… Continue reading