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Weekly photo challenge: Cover Art

Zooming Friday Nights

Dive into the blue

Walking around the Tristaina cirque glacier at the beginning of the evening’s twilight calms down every restless mind. Still waters run deep. Andorra, Estanys de Tristaina

Fall enlightened

Picture of the day #15 Nature creates the most colorful light shows. On the way to the summit of Andorra’s highest Peak, Coma Pedrosa, 2942m.

Climb up as high as you can

Picture of the day #14 view from the via ferrata overlooking Andorra la Vella

Hidden places

Picture of the day # 13 Hiking in Andorra – there will soon come more about the treasure of the Pyrenean…

Winter is coming

Picture of the day # 12 It has been a cold all morning. My breath fogs the air. The waft of mist slowly disappears. Winter’s cold fingers are stretching out. Adolf Nossberger Hütte,  Osttirol

Spotlight life’s little pleasures

Picture of the day # 11 Usually, it’s the small things that raise a smile of happiness. Nevertheless, we most of the time long for the extraordinary and specials. This picture taken in… Continue reading

Yosemite’s mirror

Picture of the day # 10 Whenever, I take a look at this picture, I can truely feel the joy of that hike to the top of the waterfall. It was such a perfect… Continue reading

Autumn light

Picture of the day # 9 Every year I love watching the silent transformation of the forest. The last rays of the sun shining trough the golden leaves.

Grumpy ostrich

Picture of the day # 8 I guess you know the feeling on one of these awkward days. You do not like anything, especially yourself.