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The inverted tower

Picture of the day #7 Nine levels of spiral winding stairs lead you into the depth and darkness. Legend has it that the journey through the upside down tower of Sintra’s initiation well is… Continue reading

Vienna in all its glory

Picture of the day #6 The crown of Schönbrunn Palace: Gloriette at night.

Nightly reflections

Picture of the day #5 It was my first time in the big apple. Weeks before, I had already been excited of visiting New York, the city of my favourite films and TV… Continue reading

Find your bridge and get over it

Picture of the day # 4 Actually, I’ve got 2 pictures for today because they are my prove that I was brave enough to get over those bridges. Probably, you can imagine my heart beating… Continue reading

Austrian beauty: Knallstein

Picture of the day #3 The Knallstein is an easy hike in the Sölktal. On the way to the summit, one passes by four lakes mirroring the picturesque scenery. Top: 2599m Tour – approx. 5-6… Continue reading

Bunny Warhole Style

a carrot a day…. picture of the day # 1