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How would you imagine living in a castle?

Flowers over flowers 12

The foggier and colder the days in fall become, the more I miss colorful flowers. This week, I want to brighten up a grey Tuesday with bright yellow sunflowers.

Flowers over flowers 11

This week, I came across some pictures that I took during my holidays on the Azores. I have a faible for volcanic islands like the Azores, Hawaii and of course Iceland.

Seasonal Changes 10 – October leaves

Sunshine in fall is a great treat to enjoy the colorful leaves and changing landscape.

Flowers over flowers 10

Flowers in Iceland often have a rough time fighting the extreme conditions. Nevertheless, they manage to overcome challenging times.

More cats

Mr Cat’s lazy evening.

Flowers over flowers 9

I love taking pictures of flowers shortly after the rain stopped, when the water drops are still hanging on the leaves. Lately, I have collected various pictures of huge flower meadows, and decided… Continue reading


This week’s photo challenge is all about grids.

Flowers over flowers 8

A walk in a park full of flowers is the best and relaxing break.

A sip of wine

Autumn is the best time to wander through vinyards, enjoy the sun and some great wine.