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Nature, mountains and hiking are my Inspiration to re-charge my inner creativity. In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Inspiration.”

Adding some drama

Montserrat in Spain, close to Barcelona, is a multi-peaked mountain famous for the abbey on top.

Macro time

I played with my 85mm macro lens on my terrace. After the recent heat wave, almost everything is dry but still in full blossom.

Flowers over flowers 1

Lately, I have collected various pictures of huge flower meadows, and decided to make a weekly seriesĀ out of it: Flowers over flowers will be posted every Tuesday. The idea is to bring some… Continue reading


Without my tortoises, my terrace would be incredible boring. They always come close to see whether you bring some food for them, run after the cats and make funny noises when jumping on… Continue reading

Close up

Blossoming summer – take a closer look.

Eye of the tiger

Whenever I try to make some marvellous pictures of my cats, they either hide, run away, move too quickly or press their nose against my lens.

Shadow play

Light is the essence of photography, shadow is the spice. I post this Picture for Lucile’s Photo101 Rehab.

Mountain settings

The weather up in the mountains can quickly change: fog, sunshine and clouds change a mountain setting from sunny to dramatic. In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Half and Half.”

Black and white of half and half

What should I say? I have to admit, I love this week’s topic of the photo challenge. It’s already my third post for it, and one more is still to come.