Ca(t)dvent Day 6

Grumpy cat of the day

Ca(t)dvent Day 5

Keeping track on Christmas

Spy eye

But I really want to play now! You cannot resist my sad look, can you?

Ca(t)dvent Day 4

Watch out! Christmas is coming soon…

Ca(t)dvent Day 3

Fluffy like a teddy bear…  

Ca(t)dvent Day 2

Waiting for Christmas can be exhausting….

Ca(t)dvent Day 1

24 days until Christmas!  My furry advent calendar is back. Mr and Mrs Cat are back to shorten the time until  Xmas.

Flowers over Flowers 19

Roses on my terrace. Lately, I have collected various pictures of huge flower meadows, and decided to make a weekly seriesĀ out of it: Flowers over flowers will be posted every Tuesday. The idea… Continue reading

Life’s a change

Whenever I look up into the sky it looks differently. Dark at night, threatening before a thunderstorm, kitschy blue in sunshine, cloudy before the rain. Never ever the same.

Flowers over Flowers 18

The beauty on my window.