Backlight at the sea, boats in the distance.

Flowers over Flowers 17

Orchides in full blossom.

Nature’s victory

Harsh environmental conditions do not keep life away. Bacteria, fungi and plants evolve in extreme habitats.

Flowers over flowers 16

Close-up pink flowers for this week’s flowers over flowers challenge.


Something extravagant, something ornate.

Seasonal changes: Red and yellow autumn

Fog determines the Viennese landscape, but when the sun comes through, everything shines in golden-yellow and red.

Flowers over flowers 15

The very last blossoms and berries of the year are shining in the autumn sun.

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!

Photo101 Rehab hosts Available Light: Halloween

Welcome to the Halloween Special of Lucile’s and my (Nalinki from Angleandviews) Available Light Series. Walking through the forest while the fog is painting everything into monotonous grey always reminds me of settings… Continue reading