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Ms Cat’s everyday life

Ms Cat knows how to enjoy (extra)ordinary life.

More cats

Mr Cat’s lazy evening.

Adding some drama

Montserrat in Spain, close to Barcelona, is a multi-peaked mountain famous for the abbey on top.

Never judge a book by it’s cover

A book’s cover is supposed to set some expectations, make you pick it out of 1000s of other books and invite you to read it.

Black and white of half and half

What should I say? I have to admit, I love this week’s topic of the photo challenge. It’s already my third post for it, and one more is still to come.

Cat basket

Every now and then, I buy a basket  with the aim to fill it with odds and sods. Easier said than done, the Little things never have space in basket.

Black and white cat

Cats are sleeping most of the day and always look relaxed and comfortable while lying on their favorite spots.

Enveloped roof-top view

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Enveloped.”


Cats go from sleeping to hunting within seconds, though their attention span usually is rather short-termed.


The Prunksaal (state hall)  in the National Library located in the Hofburg Palace in Vienna is the heart of the old imperial library. Beside of the immense collection of books, it is full of… Continue reading